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brdThis website is an online web catalogue for Germany. It contains website listings for almost every category you can think of. Some of these categories include Sport, Languages, Traveling, Holidays, Jobs, Careers, People, Tourist Attractions, Online Shops, Online Websites, Online Learning Websites and many more.

If you are looking for a full and comprehensive listing of every website in this world, then you have definitely come to the right place. Not only do this website contain listings for Germany websites, but it also contain listings for English websites and a lot of other websites in other languages.

As this is a completely voluntary website, this website mainly survives on its advertising revenue and donations. Therefore, if you like this website a lot and would like to donate to this site, you can feel free to hit the Donate button at the top of this site. If not, then please do not mind the numerous ads you might come across on this website itself. Here are a few popular listings to get you started off before you look for the ones that you really want to look for :


This is a website which is started by a guy who believes in free education for everyone. It is a website which contains a lot of lessons and videos on almost every topic you can think of in this world. Ranging from algebra and calculus to cooking and nursing, there is definitely something for everyone on this website itself.


This is a website that used to be very popular with kids and although it has slowly died off a little, it is still quite popular among a lot of people. In this website, you basically can create pets and train them accordingly. You can also play games to gain the currency of the game to buy things and improve your pet’s abilities and stats.


This website is similar to Khan Academy except that it is mainly user-contributed. Anyone and everyone has the ability to edit any particular page on the website itself to include useful information. But there will also be certain users who are promoted to moderator status after a long time to prevent trouble makers from anyhow editing the pages itself. About 90% of the people who surfs the web probably would have heard of this great website before.

These are just 3 popular listings which are the most visited from this site. Please feel free to look around for any other listings you might be interested in.

Authorized strip clubs in Las Vegas

Due to a lot of legal issues, most of the countries have prohibited strip clubs. However, you may find legally allowed strip clubs with license in America. Till the end of the 20th century, there were only female strip clubs in America. However, this condition has changed over the past few years. Nowadays, you can even avail the services of male strip clubs too. Even though you can find a lot of strip clubs, Vegas, the most popular and amazing male strip club is the Kings of Hustler.


The Kings of Hustler male strip club is well equipped with full bar and world class lighting for ambiance. Friendly and professional staff is one of the major attractions of the Kings of Hustler male strip club along with the sexy male strippers. For VIP ticket holders, separate bar facility is also offered by them. You can select from almost all the premium bottles for free only if you are a VIP ticket holder. For those who order at least two drinks per person will get a free entry pass to the strip club.

As customer satisfaction is the primary objective of the Kings of Hustler male strip club, they will provide lots of games and gambling services inside the club. The club is large enough to accommodate hundreds of people at a time and have a fireplace. You can easily collect more details about the strip clubs, Vegas from the kingsofhustler website. The chat facility provided on the website can be used to get instant help and support.


Tips on the best etiquette when visiting strip clubs Vegas

Below are a few pointers on what you should do when you are planning on going to any of the strip clubs Vegas:-

  • Dress right – enquire beforehand whether the particular strip club has a dress code. In case you are not sure, just dress like you want to be in a strip club.
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  • In all strip clubs, soliciting for sex is prohibited; prostitution as a whole is prohibited in Las Vegas, so keep that in mind. Touching is also not allowed, so just sit and enjoy the moves.
  • If you plan on getting into a strip club empty handed you will be doing yourself a great injustice. In most cases, a cover fee as well as buying of drinks is expected. You are also expected to pay for your preferences if, say you want some private dancing with a particular dancer. Providing tips to those who spend time to entertain you is also expected.
  • If you are going to the club as a group of people, it will be wise to have a designated driver who has the mandate of ensuring that you all get back safe.